Dongguan Kebei silicone material Co., LTD
Caster Platinum catalyst specialist producer

Green and environmental protection
The tonal consistency is consistent
Update and optimization
Customized product
Dongguan Kebei Silicone Material Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2014, located in Changan Town, Dongguan City.
Main R & D, production, sales: Castor platinum catalyst, anti-poisoning platinum catalyst (potting glue special and textile plastic drop silica gel special) single-component platinum vulcanization agent (molding, calendering, extrusion special) addition amount 0.8%-1%. Silicone ink platinum catalyst (phenyl) produced by the platinum catalyst, curing agent high activity, no yellow, stable performance and other characteristics, in the industry erected a good reputation, professional overseas sales team to provide foreign customers with more convenient service. Our R & D team has also been committed to developing new silicone materials, constantly opening up new markets, and creating good technical support for customers.
Kebe team is looking forward to working with you to provide you with high quality, low cost, and the fastest production service!
Company philosophyStudious, continuous improvement, innovation, excellence
Company core valuesResponsibility not mission, professional achievement value, innovation casting first-class
Products through the international REACH201 certification
To green environmental protection as the main line,
Reduce environmental pollution caused by R&D and production
Reduce environmental pollution caused by R&D and production
Produce color difference, viscosity inconsistency and other problems
Research and development - new products
To meet the different needs of different customers
Experienced professional R & D team,
To provide customers with more intimate and accurate product customization